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Pre-market trading...does anyone else like this style?

Hi all -
Please be gentle as I am a noob :-)
I have been a long time Forex trader and long-term stock trader since around 2004. Until very recently I had never really paid attention to stock Day Trading. During Covid shut down I got bored and fell madly in love with pre-market buying and selling a few hrs into the market opening or when the stock declined $0.10 in 1 min. I use tons of alerts with various sounds for price drops of more than $0.02 and I get SMS when it hits $0.09 drop in 1 min. Sometimes I make as low as $0.25 a share and a few times as much as $7 in per share profit. Seems mostly I range between $0.50 - $1.25 in per share profit. I only trade 2-4 stocks per day.
Finviz, Benzinga, BamSEC, Smarttrader, and thinkorswim are my main tools. I have a range of criteria I use to choose stocks. Some of the stuff I look for is trend-line, support and resistance, volume at closing, stock price must be over $1. Then news, SEC filings and a few other important elements that help me select a stock.
I have completed about 48 days of actual trading in this manner. I have lost about 8% of my total profits and that was simply because I was still learning how to manage reversals.
Am I missing something? Why don't more people do this? I totally realize there are so many different ways to Day Trade and especially since I am a total noob....but these last few months have been so wonderful and exciting. I keep forgetting we're in the middle of a pandemic. This method of trading also seems less affected by extremely bearish days.
I am based in Japan and stay awake until around 1am which is about 12 noon EST. And then when I wake up I begin to locate my pre-market trades which usually takes me about 2-3 hrs.
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This Thinkorswim indicator combines features similar to L.A. Little’s work on objective trend identification and pivot breakout evaluation using volume, with the work of David Weis and the Weis Wave concept, plus the ideas of Timothy Ord and his Ord-Volume indicator, as well as other traders/authors such as Anna Coulling and of course Richard Wyckoff. The Price Volume Trend indicator (PVT) is a momentum based indicator used to measure money flow. PVT is similar to another technical analysis tool On Balance Volume (OBV) in that it is an accumulation of volume. While the OBV adds or subtracts total daily volume depending on if it was an up day or a down day, PVT only adds or subtracts a ... With more than 30 years of trading experience combined, our team at Trading Strategy Guides has put together this step-by-step trading guide so you can take advantage of analyzing the strength of a trend based on volume activity. The Forex market, like any other market, needs volume to move from one price level to another. If you’re a trend trader like we are, you’ll need a volume indicator to trade Forex, and you’ll need it badly. If you know how to determine if enough of it is there for you to make a good trade, you can move mountains. Futures Volume Thinkorswim - Aktien, Forex handel Strategien. Forex Expert Advisor. Scalping, Volume Trading. Direkt zum Seiteninhalt. Hauptmenü: × Home; TOP FX Strategien. Forex Scalping Strategie; Strategie Levels und Zonen; Erweiterungspack; Prop Trading; FX DayTraderChat; Forex Expert Advisor. ForexTradePanel 2.0; FX Scalp V1.1; Indikatoren Skripte. Volume Trading ATAS Plattform; Trend 2 ... Most Profitable Tom Demark Sequential & Thinkorswim Indicator 2020. September 27, 2020 Indicators. Tom Demark indicator reviews 2020 in the field of technical analysis of forex trading volume with Tom indicators mt4. Reveal Most talented and experienced Forex demark trendline strategy Good mt4 or mt5 traders and analysts have put own profit experience their part and efforts in this sector ... The Price and Volume Trend (PVT) study is calculated as a cumulative algebraic sum of daily volumes multiplied by the percent change of the Close price. PVT is a leading indicator for future price movements. The main signal offered by the PVT indicator is divergence from the price. Plots. Plot Description PVT: The Price and Volume Trend indicator. ZeroLine: Zero level. Example* *For ... This is another WaveTrend indicator similar to the one I posted here. In fact, they both came from the TradingView version that was ported from the famous TS/MT version which was known as "The Perfect Leading Indicator". According to the Forex indicator: It features a sophisticated algorithm... Candle Trend Chart. Visually, the Candle Trend chart resembles closely the Candle chart. However, their coloring algorithms are different. The coloring is applied based on the open and the close prices on both the current aggregation period and the two adjacent aggregation periods. Algorithm. A candle is outlined in the "border-up" color if the current close price is higher than that on the ... For example, watching for volume on a breakout above resistance or below support can indicate a continuation or reversal of a trend. It may also indicate institutional buying. On a specific day, a stock might experience high volume, which may imply that there's interest in that stock, but volume alone doesn’t indicate the specific price or prices at which traders were most interested.

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